Pure Form Omega Sport was designed as a general health product. It works by increasing oxygenation across each of our cell membranes by 30%. This remarkable result is achieved by using only organic oils that give us the optimal balance of the 18-carbon (plant-based) Omega-6 and Omega-3, the essential fatty acids that make up cell membranes in all of us. Consider that oxygen has to cross 7 cell membranes to get from the lungs to the mitochondria, where it is actually used, and you can see what a valuable boost in cellular efficiency is achieved with this product. In fact, most athletes will immediately notice the increased stamina, reduced recovery time, and the almost absent build-up of lactic acid that gives you the next day burn! (Those leg days won’t be so bad anymore).

For the elite athlete, it has been shown that mice fed for two weeks on a diet high in sunflower oil (plant-based), which contains Omega-6 18-carbon (not 20 and 22 carbon like in fish and krill oil), ranon average 0.19m/s faster than mice fed a diet rich in linseed oil, which is high in Omega-3 fatty acids. This means that, over a 2-second sprint, a mouse fed on a high Omega-6 fatty acid diet would have a 0.4m advantage. This represents a 6.3% improvement, which equals that achieved in the 100m world records over more than 75 years. (1)Imagine, improving your output by 6.3% in a short period of time just by changing your supplement!

A previous study by the same group, which looked at a range of mammal species, found that those with a relatively high Omega-6 fatty acid content in their skeletal muscles had a greater maximum running speed. Combined, these two studies suggest that diets enriched in these fatty acids "could also affect the maximum (or burst) running speed of other vertebrates, including humans." Studies in humans are pending.

For top performance, it is really the Omega-6 content that matters. Pure Form Omega Sport is an optimal combination of plant-based, 18-carbon, organic, cold-pressed Omega-6/3 product that is designed for human physiology. The health benefits you will feel will extend far beyond the gym.

(1) Society for Experimental Biology. "Mice Run Faster On High-grade Oil."

ScienceDaily, 1 July 2009.